Experience Design Internship

Experience Design internship during the summer of 2017 for the consumer product firm fuseproject. Spent 3 months working on both physical and digital prototypes for a smart home fitness startup in the Bay Area.

During my time at fuseproject, I was able to work on the first interactions for the FORME Life smart home fitness workout machine, as well as the entire workout experience— from the technology embedded in the machine, all the way to the digital interfaces and its surrounding touchpoints.

Additionally, I spent some time learning how to 3D model and worked on a VR Demo Gallery concept for fuseproject and their clients. Fuseproject often had to share their ideas on the road or on-site. Carrying various different physical prototypes quickly became cumbersome. This project offered to create a VR environment to show clients recent products using a Google Daydream. Prototypes were made in Blender and Unity.